Follow Up: Mickelson confirms Jake Owen’s story at Spieth’s Wedding

One thing I love about Phil’s Augusta press conference is he is ALWAYS creating a buzz in the media. He is ALWAYS cracking a joke or making a comment that goes viral. This time he confirms a hilarious story that went viral two weeks ago

Phil sat down with the press at Augusta National today. One of the most anticipated moments during his interview was when a reporter brought up the story about Jake Owens at Jordan Spieth wedding.

Once asked, Phil, confirmed Jake’s story SPOT ON. Like I said in my previous blog, the boys were just shit talking over a few dozen cocktails at a wedding. Nothing new here but it does remind me EXACTLY of what I will be doing after I drink 27 vodka sodas at my sister’s wedding next fall.

Side note: Phil mentioned he was talking to Rickie before Jake approached him. I wonder what they were talking about? You think Rickie was drunk? So many questions but I neeeed answers.