Jake Owens meets Phil Mickelson at Jordan’s Wedding

Jake Owen’s went on Barstool Sport’s Foreplay Podcast yesterday. He shared a bunch of unbelievable stories about his experience playing with some absolute legends!

The best story he dropped was the time he met Phil Mickelson at Jordan’s wedding. HILARIOUS.

One day after the anticlimactic Tiger vs Phil showdown, Jordan celebrated his Wedding in Texas. Two guests at the wedding happened to be Phil Mickelson and Jake Owens. Jake, after a few cocktails, went up to Phil and absolutely ripped into him about how bad the infamous “Match” was.  Towards the end of the conversation,  Jake asked for his money back. Before he was done speaking, Phil whipped out his wallet and threw him $100.00 and said;  “I won 90,000 of these yesterday. Take $100.00 and go fuck yourself”

ALL-TIME story!  Is Jake Owens my new hero? Absolutely! The balls on this guy to go up to Phil Mickelson and shit on him is insane.  At the end of the day, these guys are just normal dudes. Getting drunk at a wedding, shit talking back and forth, and having a good time ass.

Isn’t liquid courage amazing? There’s no way Jake would have done this sober. However, after you down a couple stiff drinks, completely different story. This is why I love weddings. No rules, bunch of booze,  and the next morning you can wake up and say “fuck it, I was at a wedding”