Brooks Koepka loses 22lbs for ESPN the Magazine Body Issue

Over the past few months, Brooks has been training twice a day, running and eating healthier. During this time he has dropped 22 lbs (from 212 to 190) and has started to hit the ball 10 to 12 yards shorter off the tee. This reduction of distance has caused him to drop from ninth in strokes gained off the tee to 46th in the category and caused his swing to feel out of sorts.

“When you go from 212 pounds to 190, there’s not as much weight going forward through the ball,” he said. “I don’t have as much feel. I just feel out of sorts.”

Brooks isn’t concerned however. He was asked about the weight loss after the final round of The Players and responded: “you’ll see after Wednesday Ill be fine”. He also commented that he will be looking to pack back on the weight in the next couple weeks saying that he is looking forward to having a cheeseburger which he hasn’t been able to have in a while.

Brooks’s recent weight loss is rumored to be for a photo shoot in ESPN the magazine’s Body Issue. Members of the media and fans have been concerned about how it could impact his season and career.

Assuming the rumors are true, I am a fan of the move. This is a great opportunity for Brooks to elevate his brand to a larger audience. Either way, it is going to be interesting to see how the photo shoot turns out and if Brooks can get his game back to major championship form when he puts the weight back on.