10 Crazy Tiger Woods Stats (Justin Ray NLU Pod)

Yesterday on the NLU pod with Justin Ray, Justin shared his Top 10 favorite Tiger stats and its pretty crazy. Here they are in case you missed the pod:

  • From 2003 through 2005 Tiger had 1543 putts from 3ft and in, he missed 3 of them
  • There are 8 PGA tour seasons since 1983 which a player beat the field average by 2.6 shots by round. All 8 of those seasons belong to Tiger Woods.
  • Tiger is the only player to win the US Junior Amateur, the US Amateur and the US Open in his career. He won each 3 times.
  • In the 16 rounds of the Tiger Slam, Tiger beat the field by an average of 5.4 shots per round. That means, during the Tiger slam he beat the field average by a combined total of 86 strokes.
  • Tiger during the 2000 season had 1 score worse than 73. That was during the first round of The Masters when he shot 75, and he still beat the field average by half a shot that day
  • During a stretch from May of 99 through the end of 2000, Tiger played in 34 tournaments worldwide. He won 18 of them. In that span he had 7 wins by 4 or more, he had 4 finishes outside the top 10.
  • Tiger has won 5 straight PGA Tour starts 3 different times, he’s the only player in the past 60 years to do it once.
  • Tiger won 9 times in the 2000 PGA Tour season, no other player led after 9 rounds that year.
  • Tiger has 40 European Tour wins, 3rd most all-time. He’s never played on the European Tour.
  • From ’97 through 2008, Tiger was -126 in Majors, there are 138 other players in that span with at least 40 rounds in majors. Of that group – 2nd place is Joe Ogilvy at +63. Tiger is more than 200 shots ahead of Phil and Ernie in that span.

Credit: No Laying Up