Speed Kills: A look at the new M5 and M6 Drivers

“I wanna go fast”-Ricky Bobby” – TaylorMade.  TaylorMade has dominated the woods market in the last few years since introducing the “M” line back in 2016.  Since the original M1 and M2 came out, TaylorMade has added two more improved M-line woods, with the latest launching earlier this year.

What makes TaylorMade one of if not the most desirable driver line for the casual weekend golfer to the likes of DJ and Tiger?  Fast, Forgiveness, Control.  Last year, TaylorMade introduced us to “twist-face” which as Tiger claimed would revolutionize the game of golf.  Ehh, maybe…If Tiger said it, I’m on board.  Adding on to their twist-face technology, TaylorMade launched “Speed Injection.”  The idea behind Speed Injection is twofold.

Speed Injection was introduced to cut out the unavoidable variation in club faces as they come out from manufacturing.  This helps to create a more balanced golf club and create overall better club.  Secondly, the inserted resin behind the club face maximizes the trampoline effect of the club adding precious ball-speed, and thus distance, to drives.

In my opinion, the aspect of these drivers that will be a game changer for weekend golfers is a club that is able to reduce spin even on off center hits.  Not only is the center of the club face larger, but off-center hits with less spin will create tighter dispersion and thus more fairways hit.

If Tiger and DJ throwing this club in the bag for the season hasn’t sold you, then this won’t either, but this club was built for a +5 handicap to a 25, so go out and rip it.