Romo using hand-me-downs from Tiger and Spieth at AT&T

According to Jonathan Wall, Romo is using Tiger’s old Nike Putter and Jordan Spieth old 60-degree wedge in AT&T Pro-Am.


At first, I questioned this move by Tony Romo. Why is he playing with their old clubs?

Then it hit me like a brick wall. Tony Romo isn’t a winner. Tiger and Jordan are.

Here’s my proof:

Tony Romo

There is a lot of cash being thrown around at Pebble this week. When a bunch of rich athletes/celebrities gather for 4 days on the golf course. You better believe that there are some heavy side wagers being placed.  Tony NEEDs the “Tiger/Spieth” winning juju to rub off on him so he doesn’t lose every match this week. Good luck Tony! But remember; don’t blame the clubs when you shoot 87 this week. DON’T BLAME THE CLUBS