Koepka speaks out “No one has the balls to criticize slow play”

Brook’s did a media event in New York this week promoting the PGA Championship. He really spoke out about the issue behind the slow play on the PGA Tour. Check out his interview with Sirius XM.


The quiet, timid, 2017 US Open champion no more! Brooks has made a statement this week and has become one of the best interviews in golf. We are seeing a completely new Brooks Koepka and I love it. From partying in the Maldives with the Johnson’s to creating a media buzz in NY, this guy is awesome!!

The craziest part of this interview is when he talks about how he  “chills out” in the portable toilet so his group will purposely get put on the clock. This forces his competitors to play at a faster pace.

My question. Why did you announce that to the world? Now, whoever is playing with Brooks is going to bring it up when he has to take a shit. Maybe even send someone into the bathroom with him to make sure he isn’t “chilling out”

This might be a very hot take, but I think we should credit Jena Sims for changing Brooks. We really started to see him come out of his shell once they were in a relationship. Typically, guys change for the worse but not the case here. Brooks is the man!

Thanks Jena!