Benefits of Playing Division III Golf

In my first article I talked about what it is like to play Division III golf. I get it, I was throwing shade towards some of it. However, there are many benefits and positive aspects to playing. Three benefits that I have found from playing Division III golf is the ability to play golf at a higher level, receive discounted equipment and free gear, and meet new people that love the sport just as much as I do.

Deciding to golf in college was one of the best decisions that I have made. When I was in high school, I hated talking about my future college plans. It was always a topic of conversation at home as my older brother attends the University of Alabama and succeeds in school and in his social life there. So, I knew that it was going to be difficult to fill his shoes. I am a homebody and knew that I did not want to go far away for college. However, I had that goal of playing golf at a Division I level and knew colleges in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Playing Division I is what every high school kid dreams of, until they realize that they are not at that skill level or do not have the grades to be able to. In late November of my senior year, a  Division III college coach reached out to me. I thought to myself that Division III golf was lame and that there was no way I was going to play for them. Long story short, I now attend the College that the Division III coach called me from and am currently in my American Literature course writing this article while we watch Huckleberry Finn. Although it is Division III college, there are still many competitive golfers to compete with. During my freshman year fall season, every tournament that I played in had at least three kids that were shooting under par. Even being one of the better skilled kids in the conference, it is still always a grind out here to win. I am no Viktor Hovland or Davis Riley but I know my way around the course and some competitors did as well.

Currently, I am looking to transfer to play Division I golf. I have a visit planned at the end of this next month to tour a Division I college. However, playing at a Division III college has helped me and my golf game in multiple ways. If you are an equipment junkie like me then you love getting the new clubs, shoes, and polos for free. Many Division III colleges do not get clubs or clothes for free, but we get a large discount. At my college, I have a young coach that is also big into gear and equipment and has no problem ordering stuff for us. We get 50% off from Taylormade, Titleist, Callaway, Footjoy and some other brands. To put it into perspective I got a driver, three wood, irons, and Vokey custom shop wedges all for 1,200 dollars. I mean cmon, you can not beat a deal like that. I also like to dress to impress every season so I always order a pair of Footjoy MyJoy DryJoys. I was able to get them for only 115 dollars last year and I am about to order a custom pair of Icons for only 145 dollars. These are some of the perks of playing Division III golf. I understand that people who play Division I get most of their equipment for free. But the average golfer does not get the discounts I get which I find to be pretty cool.

The last benefit of playing Division III golf is meeting people that enjoy the game as much as I do. Even though I told you the wild statistic about how 51 kids shot over 80 in my last fall tournament in a previous article, there are kids that actually know how to play the game. Playing a tournament with someone that is good and easy to talk to makes it much more enjoyable. I just went back and looked at the kids I played with this fall season and the highest score someone shot with me was 81 and the lowest was 69 (-3). So there are kids that are actually good that are enjoyable to play with. One time there was this kid that I played with in two tournaments. We would always shoot around the same score and in the first tournament I hated him because he beat me. I know that is not a reason to hate someone but I am competitive and wanted to beat him. In the second tournament he beat me again. However, we became friends and have played together since then. He is really cool and shows how playing Division III golf brought me good friends.