Is Frisco, Texas the new spot to live??

In recent news, a Dallas based real estate development firm is building a huge development project right next to the new PGA of America’s headquarters in Frisco, Texas. The project will consist of residential, retail, office, medical, and hospitality buildings.

This is a win-win for PGA of America and for the three investor groups tied to this project. First, the PGA of America is building 2 championship style golf courses around their new HQ. This will attract global golfers, big tournaments, and a lot of fans. With all of this comes a lot of money that is being driven to Frisco. It was reported that the initial public-private investment is totaling $520 million!!! The city of Frisco is responsible for $13.5 million of which hopefully will pay off when completed.

Everything is expected to be done by 2022 baring no delays in construction or zoning rights. I guarantee this project takes an additional 5 extra years to be built. These type of projects never go as scheduled. There is constantly zoning regulations, construction delays, and countless of other issues that arise. I hope this works out for Frisco because it would be an awesome area to visit. PGA of America has been very influential towards bring new innovative initiatives to the game of golf. This new HQ project  in Frisco will be very cool to see once fully developed.

P.S Should we relocate BladedWedge HQ to Frisco?

Have a good weekend!