What It’s Like to Play Division III Golf

Where do I even begin to start on what it is like to golf at a Division III level college? It is a lot of fun playing a college sport at pretty much any college you attend. I love being able to skip a class to go play a competitive round at a decent course in my area. The quality of the course depends what tournaments your college participates in and is typically hit or miss. This matters as you might be stuck with an opponent that is forced to play golf by his parents and does not care at all, or you may be stuck with an opponent that constantly talks about how he should be playing D1 but is playing D3 to help his team. There are very few competitive opponents when I arrive at these tournaments. I should correct that to there are very few competitive opponents that can actually break 80. If you don’t believe me, I just looked up the first tournament of the Fall season for my school. There was 51 players that shot over 80 and the highest score was 166….I really wish I was kidding.

Now let’s talk about playing partners, as we all know that they have a huge impact when it comes to a successful round of golf. In competition, it is very different then a normal round when it comes to playing partners. Throughout my experience with D3 golf, partners have been very inconsistent. There was this one kid I played with who was a senior. By the third hole we were talking, and I asked him if he had done any internships for his major as we both had the same major. Let me tell you, this was possibly the worst thing I could have asked. His internship was at a frozen fish packaging planet and he loved it so much that he would not stop talking about it the entire round. Before my shot, after my shot, he continually talked about how much he loved working there and how he hoped to get a full time job there. I asked him what he was doing there and he said, well I package the fish. I thought to myself how does that relate to his major. I asked and he responded, well it doesn’t but it pays well and its fun. After I finished the round with him my head was pounding because of how annoying he was. He came up to me and asked for my number so we could hangout at each others colleges for a weekend. Needless to say, I gave him a fake number.

Finally, I wrap this article up by talking about some of the crazy things you see on the range before these rounds. Let me tell you, you see a lot of things. There has been many times on the range where multiple kids would shank the ball. Which I guess you could say is fine as everyone gets the shanks every once in a while. But, I remember vividly seeing this one kid shank terribly when I was on the range about 20 minutes before the round. It was just me and this kid on the range as I was working with his coach to try and get rid of the shanks. I shit you not he shanked one and it went right between my legs. He turned around so fast to look at me and then instantly started to hit balls again like it wasn’t him. It was mind boggling experience and definitely one I will not forget.