Kevin Kisner just said what EVERYONE was thinking…

Wow, Kevin Kisner speaks the truth about Patrick Reed and his college teammates.

Kevin Kisner “They ALL HATE HIM – Any guys that were on the team with him {At Georgia} Hate him and that’s the same way it was at Augusta State. I don’t know that they’d piss on him if he was on fire, to tell you the truth.” – Sports Illustrated Article

Wow, just wow! I mean this was expected, however I love Kisner for coming out and flexing all over him. I knew he had some beef with Reed during the Fedex Cup playoffs when he jabbed him about the RedSox ticket and his parking spot at TPC Boston.

I could only imagine Reed in college. He was totally the hardo who would narc on all his teammates who went out partying or did something the coach wouldn’t approve. Or, would recommend 5am workouts on Saturday morning. NO SHOT he had any sort of presence in the team room.

On the other hand, YOU know Kisner was the big man on campus. He was the frat star who could crush 30 beers on gameday then shoot 65 the next day. Absolute legend who lives for Georgia Football.

My favorite tweet from him: KevinKisner-Georgia