Zach Johnson and Damon Green split ties after 15 years and 2 Majors

Sad day! Zach Johnson and Damon Green will be splitting up after 15 year and 2 majors. Obviously, not as many worldwide wins together but this reminds me of Phil and Bones splitting up. Zach and Green make an awesome team together and have two awesome majors! Augusta and Saint Andrews! Arguably the best two golf course to win your majors at!

I am a little shocked at this split up and I think Green was a  surprised as well. However, Zach has not competed at his highest level in the last couple years. I think it’s a solid move for his career as he is getting to be an older player on tour. He needs some fire or a change to spark his game.

Damon Green is an absolute character out on tour. I think our favorite moment came at the British Open back in 2015. Zach was in a 3 man aggregate playoff and he sinks that 20 foot birdie putt which ultimately won his The Open. When he sunk it, Damon went absolutely NUTS. Waving his arms all over the place. Check out the video of Damon dancing away

Green is 58 and not getting any younger. I believe he has a few more years on tour. If I were him, Id sync up with a younger stud on tour. Exactly what Jimmy Johnson did after his broke off Steve Stricker.