New Strokes Gained Statistic: (Performance Under Pressure??)

Mark Broadie, who is the father of the PGA Tour’s “Strokes Gained” metric has been working on a new statistic which will measure a players ability to perform in pressure situations. There is a lot of mystery around this project especially around the name, the timeline to completion and when the Tour will adopt it. What is known is that Broadie’s plan is to have an overall measure of the statistic and then break it down by driving, approach, around the green and putting. Below are two quotes from Mark Broadie himself that give greater insight into his thought process around the new “Strokes Gained Under Pressure Statistic”.

“There are now better measures of performance [with Strokes Gained], But currently there aren’t any statistics that measure performance in the clutch or performance under pressure, so the idea is to fill that void by taking Strokes Gained with a measure of pressure and putting the two together to get a measure of performance under pressure.”

“If you measure pressure by wins, then you are going to narrow down the data set quite dramatically, Players in contention on the back nine is a much smaller set. The smaller the sample size the less predictive power. Just because if they are not clutch under the gun in the last year doesn’t necessarily mean they will stay that way in coming years.”

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