Cameron Champ: Clearly a Robot

Cameron Champ.  What a name.  What a golfer.  What a…robot?  After going through his ridiculously, inhuman stats over the last two years, I’ve been able to scientifically conclude that Cameron Champ is in fact, a golf robot.

The 23-year-old, Sacramento, CA native may only have 2 professional wins in his short stint as a TOUR professional, but he has posted some insane stats over the last couple years.

194.2.  No, that’s not how far he hits his 4-iron.  That is the ball speed Champ produces with the big stick.  194.2mph is about 30mph(!) faster than the PGA TOUR average and 8mph faster than the next highest ball speed on TOUR, Keith Mitchell.  Not surprisingly, Champ led the TOUR in driving distance with a 328.2-yard average off the tee during the 2018-2019 wrap around schedule.

Chicks dig the long ball, we get it.  But Champ doesn’t just hammer the ball off the tee, he’s got touch too.  Champ is 7th on TOUR in scoring average at 69.968 strokes and 2nd in birdie average with nearly 6 per round.  Probably doesn’t hurt that he averaged 152 yards into the green, nothing more than a flip wedge for Champ.

330-yard drives, 6 birdies per round, an average score under 70.  Champ is obviously the golfer we all created and maxed out in the PGA TOUR Tiger Woods 2005 video game.  Where there is smoke, there is fire.  Until someone can prove otherwise, Cameron Champ is a golf bot that will continue to dominate until our little sister erases our progress and we are forced to create a new player.