We’re talkin’ bout practice, man!

I’ve been playing golf a very long time, and I’ll be the first to admit, when it comes to shiny new clubs, I’m a sucker.  Unfortunately, my eyes are often bigger than my bank account.  But for some, buying the newest clubs is as routine as Tiger from inside six-feet (he’s still back).

When someone rolls up to the course and unloads a staff bag with the newest PXG’s there are two possibilities, and two possibilities only.

1) This dude is a stick.  He’s flushing his 4-iron and throwing darts with his wedges.  DO NOT gamble with this guy.  This is as rare as Phil finding a fairway and it should be documented for record.

2)  This guy STINKS.  Chad has bladed every wedge over the green and sliced his last tee shot into the next zip code.  But hey, at least he has cool clubs.

Spoiler alert: Golf is hard.  Golf doesn’t care what clubs you’re swinging.  Golf cares about your swing.  Are PXG irons good clubs?  Uhh…duh, they’re awesome.  But they aren’t magic.  There isn’t a club on the market that is going to turn your 50-yard slice into a five-yard baby draw.

The best on TOUR are on top because they practice their craft, not because they bought the most expensive clubs.  So, next time you want to drop some money into your game, don’t be Chad.  Instead of getting the latest, greatest, most expensive clubs, get to the range. Take some lessons.  Spend the money on something that will truly help your game and improve your score.