“The Match” Shatters Pay-Per-View Expectations

The Tiger vs Phil Thanksgiving match went down to the wire and a lot of people watched. “The Match” viewership is expected to reach over 1 million Pay-per-view buys beating initial estimates of 150,000. 750,000 people alone watched on the B/R live site. The craziest part of this situation is that theĀ $19.99 pay-per-view subscription fee was dropped due to technical glitches. The issue was not the streaming of the video, it was that the system to collect payment information did not have the capacity to collect that much credit card information which blocked people from purchasing the event. Despite the refunds, T&T’s Turner Media President David Levy said that the event was successful and noted that every advertiser involved in “The Match” wants to come back. The rumor is that the next golf pay-per-view match will be a foursome match. Can’t wait to see what they come up with!