McIlroy “I’m looking out for me”

Rory came out this week and said his focus for upcoming 2019 season is on the PGA and Majors. He told the press he is thinking about backing away from European Tour which would result in no rider cup eligibility.

THANK GOD! Rory needs to win a major in 2019. He has not won since 2014 and I guarantee that this is eating away at him. Obviously, he won the Tour Championship back in 2016, but it’s not the same. He has expressed numerous times that the Majors are really the only thing that matter to him. He is so overdue and I am completely on board with him being selfish here.

Which major do you think he will win? ALL EYES ON AUGUSTA!!!! He had the historic meltdown in 2011, a couple top 5s, but this masterpiece is the only thing stopping him from the career Grand Slam. I’d expect him to plan his schedule around the Masters and making sure his game is peaking at that time. The interesting thing is he always starts his PGA tour schedule late in the California swing and into Florida swing. It will be interesting if we see him out in Hawaii this year.

I can’t believe we have to wait 5 months till Augusta. I need golf back so badly!!