Rory Cries Because Tiger and Phil Don’t Let Him Play Golf With Them

Reporters asked Rory on Tuesday about the upcoming match between Tiger and Phil. He replied “Look, if they had a done it 15 years ago, it would have been great. But nowadays, it’s missed the mark a little bit.” Don’t get me wrong, Rory is one of my favorite golfers and I think he has the best swing on tour but this response comes off very salty. Rory is just mad that he wasn’t invited to play in the match and that he isn’t in the spotlight. First of all, everyone knows that Tiger and Phil are past their prime so he is not wrong there, but who cares! People are interested, its great for golf, and its the best sporting event on a day that no one works. Rory also told reporters that Phil had even offered to cover the pay-per-view fee when they discussed the match during a FedEx Cup playoff event earlier in the year. I imagine this must have been an uncomfortable conversation that ended up with Phil just offering to pay for it. Hopefully what comes out of this is Rory and other pros challenging each other to similar matches. This would be a great way to grow the game especially now that gambling on sports is becoming bigger.