JT & Rory – Not watching Tiger vs Phil Match

The anticipated “Match” of Tiger vs Phil is happening next Friday! The golf world has been waiting for this day for a long, long time. However, some PGA tour players have spoken out and have mentioned that they will not be watching.

JT and Rory have both told Golf Channel that the event has no interest. Justin Thomas even commented “0% chance I order that.”┬áCheck out the article on Golf.com

I think this event is going to be an awesome experience for any golf fan. Also, obviously it’s worth the $20 to order it. Rory was quoted saying “I personally think it has missed the mark” Ummm, how? We have 2 of the biggest names in golf are squaring up face to face. The reason it didn’t happen 20 years ago is because the media and audience of golf has completely changed. The new golf fan is younger, more aggressive, and excited about this type of content. Also, this will make headway for different formats. The best part about this format is that I can watch with my boys and we can all make side bets while we watch. Grab a few cases, hang with the boys, and try and make some cash over this Thanksgiving holiday. Isnt this what Thanksgiving is for? Food, Sports, Gambling, and Drinking.

Check us out as we will be blogging the event and providing updates:


When : Friday, November 23rd.

Where: Shadow Creek Country Club, Las Vegas

How to watch: Pay 20$ !!!!